Team Building Trainings

If there is one type of organization that requires team building training the most, it is the NGO’s. The reason for that is simple: the NGO’s bring together diverse people from distinct backgrounds together for achieving the social causes. Disputes and conflicts between the members of the NGO’s and even with the stakeholders of the NGO’s is quite common or rather indispensable.


Building a team that really trusts each other and works as a large family is, therefore, the dream of a number of NGO’s. Dishtayate is your ally in ensuring that the team building process is much swifter and attainable as you can ever think.


Our training methods are especially designed for the NGO’s and help you in achieving the following targets:

  • Finding the problem areas in team building
  • Trust-building exercises
  • Making the members feel their importance in the NGO
  • Problem solving and dispute management

For ensuring the long-term success of the NGO, it is imperative that it is run by a team of enthusiastic members. The team building training will not help you in diffusing the pressure of daily work, but will help in creating an everlasting bond between the participants.


As per one of the NGO owners, who had recently undertaken the Dishtayate training:

We entered the training as participants, but the time the training was over, we were one large family”


With this commitment in mind, Dishtayate calls the NGO’s to collaborate with us and let us help you in building successful teams.



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