Soft Skills Training

The work of an NGO can be really tough at times. From dealing with the government departments to finding the funds for a new endeavour, the type of jobs that an NGO has to complete are diverse and challenging, to say the least.


Your hard skills like accounting, law, engineering, and drafting will, of course, help you in carrying out the day to day activities. However, there is something that will help you in every aspect whilst managing the NGO: your soft skills.


Development of soft skills is necessary for an NGO since the organization has to deal with numerous bodies and individuals on a daily basis. Soft skills not only include the communications development but a large skillset that includes the following:

  • Communication skills training
  • Anger management training
  • Team skills training
  • E-mail etiquette training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Behavioural traits such as time management, stress management etc. training

An NGO cannot afford to lose any opportunity to serve the society owing to the poor soft skills of the owners or the managers. Dishtayate has therefore brought together some of the finest soft skills experts, who can not only help your NGO to improve on this fundamental skill but will also align with you in attaining the long-term objectives of the organization.

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