Soft Skills Training

What differentiates the entrepreneurs from rest of the world? The answer is the decision-making ability which is possessed by almost all of the successful entrepreneurs across the world. 


You have already made one of the toughest decision by following your dreams. Now, it is time for you to make an impact. The biggest impact which you can make is to face the real world by taking the best foot forward. 

You need to leave an impression before your clients, your investors, and your customers. Most of them won’t be impressed of what you wear and what car you drive. They will be impressed by your soft skills.

Contrary to the name, soft skills are very hard to learn. These skills cannot be mugged up by passing a degree or diploma course. You either have it or you don’t have it. But the question remains, can soft skills be developed?

Dishtayate has a definite answer to the question: YES! Our team of experts build the most comprehensive solutions and training for the entrepreneurs that help them in developing the soft skills and development of the internal thought process so that you can go out there and share your dreams and outlook with the world. 

Our training includes the following:

  • Communication skills training
  • Anger management training
  • Team skills training
  • E-mail etiquette training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Behavioural traits such as time management, stress management etc. training

    As an entrepreneur, you can easily live without the hard skills. You might be a commerce graduate and can run an IT company. However, you cannot make it big unless you take this decision to work on the most crucial skillset of current environment: the soft skills.

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