Pre-Incorporation Assistance

Entrepreneurs are undoubtedly the backbone of the growing economy of any country. The creative mind set of every entrepreneur brings changes in the way a society lives.
The starting point of any change or revolution is the 'Idea' and the essence of which can be understood better by none other than an entrepreneur. Every idea has the potential to touch lives of many and become a successful venture however , in many cases these 'ideas' either does not any material shape or they die due to improper implementation and only few manages to actually come on floor and achieve great heights.
At Dishtayate, we understand the value of these 'Ideas' and the importance of bringing these ideas into reality and thereby we have designed our consultancy solutions in away that provide a one point solution to the entrepreneurs   wherein we shall partner with them in the journey from converting that idea in to a business model and then execution of the business model to convert it into a business.
Our involvement with the Entrepreneurs can be for each of the step of launching the business idea or  any specialised service as may be required :
Business Model Generation : 
Every idea which is capable of becoming a business idea needs to be re-thinked , revaluated and brain stormed from each and important aspects of business to see if the idea has the potential of becoming a business model or it needs to be changed to make it more viable.
In Business Model Generation, we focus on 9 Key areas of doing business which are:

  • Key Activities
  • Key Resources
  • Key Partners
  • Value Propositions
  • Customer Segments
  • Revenue Model
  • Channels of delivery
  • Customer Relationship
  • Cost Structure 

Each of the element will be developed in close interaction with the entrepreneur and the market experts to design the best business model for your idea.
Incorporating the Business Entity
Once the business model has been finalised , next step is to give birth the legal entity under which the business shall be undertaken, it can take the simplest form of forming a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or a Company. The best form suited for the idea shall be used to  create the existence of the legal entity.
The complete incorporation process also involves registrations with multiple statutory bodies, like Income tax, Service Tax, Sales tax , Excise , Customs etc. The entire registration process will be handled by our team.
Angel Investing/Start up Funding
No Business can run without financial resources and there are many investors who promote the idea of entrepreneurship. We will pitch your business idea to such interested investors and will work to equip the business with the start up funds so as to provide you with the necessary support during the tough phase of business development.
Post Incorporation Support
Our Association with the entrepreneurs does not end with the incorporation of the business entity, we provide post incorporation support also to our clients so as to build and maintain the relationship and let the client focus on his business . Our Post Incorporation support includes services :

  • Accounting
  • Compliance
  • Management and Control
  • Strategy and Risk Management
  • Funding 
  • Assurance and Auditing services 

As the meaning of our name 'Dishtayate'  which is ' Proceed towards you Goal', we will partner with you to make you proceed towards your goal.

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