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At Dishtayate, We bring together expertise for 

Consultancy Solutions

Our Consulting Solutions can be classified into following three categories: 

  1. Finance Function Services 
  2. Business Support Services
  3. Audit and Assurance/Assessment Services : 


Whether it  is a Corporate, Non Corporate or  a Non Government Organisation, Finance Department or function in any business setting is expected to perform following key responsibilities: 
( Diagram/ Boxes)

  1. Book Keeping ( Accounting )
  2. Compliance Function ( Regulatory, Statutory)
  3. Management and Control ( Management Information System, Internal financial controls )
  4. Strategy and Risk Management
  5. Funding

 At Dishtayate, under our umbrella of consultancy solutions we provide solutions to each of the five above mentioned components of finance individually and also as a package as per the requirement of the client.

A. Audit and Assurance/Assessment Services :

 Whether it is a profit or a non profit Organisation , there is always a need of regular assessment of functions, operations, reporting systems to with the purpose of monitoring and improvement.
At Dishtayate, we offer wide range of services under our Assurance and Assessment function with the vision of sharing our contribution in the journey of growth and improved performance of our clients.
Our Assurance and Assessment function includes following key service lines:


  1. Internal Assessments
  2. Structural  Audit and Reengineering
  3. Management Audit
  4. Ethical Audit
  5. Social Audit
  6. Social Impact of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) 

 Through out Dishtayate, we follow a 'VALLUE ADDITION' approach, we believe that whatsoever service we may be providing , it should add quality value in  our client's business and operations.

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