Our People and Culture

Dishtayate is committed to a progressive work environment that leverages the diversity of all our people. Dishtayate's inclusion initiative helps us understand, appreciate, and address the perspectives and needs of all personnel, clients, and those we impact through the communities in which we work.
We support diversity and inclusion by fostering dynamic teams and an inclusive work environment where innovative thinking is encouraged and leads to creative solutions that meet our clients’  needs. We recognize that to deliver valuable solutions for our clients, we need an increasingly diverse work force. As a result, inclusion has become one of our company wide priorities.
Dishtayate strives to be inclusive by involving all personnel – regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, language, education, geographic location, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical ability level, experience, opinions, beliefs, or thoughts – in the activities and life of the organization so everyone feels respected, valued, and capable of performing their best work.

At Dishtayate, diversity and inclusion are built upon the concept of shared thoughts and feelings , which is the collaboration of differences to achieve greater value.

Collaborative Growth is our central focus
A diverse work force enhances the creativity and innovative thinking that is fundamental to Dishtayate's success. Building our diversity initiative upon the basis of 'Collaborative Growth' and shared thoughts furthers our understanding of the needs of our people, our clients, and our communities, leading to a competitive advantage as we compete for talent, move to new markets, seek out new clients, and expand our geographic footprint.
Under the umbrella of inclusion are a number of retention-building programs for all our people. These programs target a variety of different areas and include professional development, awareness building, recruitment, and external relationship building within our local communities.
Our People culture is built around following two pillars:

1. Inclusiveness :

It is to make sure that every team member of  Dishtayate feels a part of its journey of growth.  Every member is included to feel free to share his thoughts, feelings . It is the shared thoughts and vision which is contributing to the development and growth of Dishtayate. It is our utmost priority to create an environment of inclusiveness at all levels to make Dishtayate a team of equally enthusiast ad motivated people.

2.Collaborative Growth and Development :

We understand that each and every individual in whatsoever capacity or role he may be in plays a very crucial role in the development of Dishtayate. So, it is the responsibility of Dishtayate to ensure that each and every team member in pursuit of  taking Dishtayate to new heights is not keeping aside his own self growth and development . 

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