Leadership Training

NGO’s do the work of the leaders by spearheading social initiatives


The NGO’s don’t often remain the limelight but silently carry out their work. The society expects a lot from the NGO’s since these organizations are the silent crusaders who work for the people without expecting anything in return.


The NGO’s have the qualities of being the leaders which the society needs and deserves. Dishtayate, owing to its rich experience of working with some of the most dedicated NGO’s, know how important it is for them to develop the leadership traits. 


Our tools and courses are specially crafted for the NGO’s by keeping a view of the biggest challenges faced by such organizations. The salient features include:

  • Understanding difference in managing and leading
  • Mastering problem analysis and decision-making
  • Effectively communicating organizational changes
  • Improving the listening skills
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Become a manager with an empathetic outlook

You cannot make a difference without leading a group of people. When money and profits are not the motivation to do something, the charisma of a leader can help the organization in attaining the long-term objectives. Our leadership training will help the NGO’s in creating a shift in the thought process.


Dishtayate is your partner in achieving the social objectives. When you will lead, the followers will follow the suit, and the feeling of philanthropy and social responsibility will reach to different sections of the society. A leading NGO is a boon for the society and that is exactly what we aim for.


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