Leadership Training

Entrepreneurs are the new leaders of the corporate world


Did you find the above statement a bit exaggerated? If you did, then probably you do not understand the potential and relative impact of the entrepreneurs in the corporate world today. The entrepreneurs are leading the world and showing the most experienced corporate houses, how it is exactly done.


However, not all entrepreneurs are the best leaders. They can be wonderful team players, robust decision-makers, and impeccable managers. But when it comes to leadership, they fumble a bit. Why else would you see so many companies (and start-ups) appoint an independent CEO? 


It is your dream business, and just due to lack of a simple trait, someone else is running it for you. 


Is leadership a trait which can be perfected by training? Dishtayate strongly believes it to be the ultimate truth. Not all the leaders are born-leaders but are crafted with years of training and continuous efforts. We provide you with the insights, which can help you to stop managing the staff or resources, and become a leader. It is a proven fact that a good manager might not be a good leader. 
Our learning tools will help you in development of:

  • Understanding difference in managing and leading
  • Understanding why being a leader is crucial for every entrepreneur
  • Mastering problem analysis and decision-making
  • Effectively communicating organizational changes
  • Improving the listening skills
  • Recognizing team success with enthusiasm
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Become a manager with an empathetic outlook

You do have a leader inside you! Being an entrepreneur, you have taken the most crucial step of taking the most difficult decision. Now it is the time for you to lead the world. Dishtayate will be your guide in ensuring that the transformation from an entrepreneur to an entrepreneurial leader will be smooth and effective. 

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