Leadership and Human Capital

We are a globally  integrated Organization in terms of mission, vision and strategy.
We encourage diversity of views in our staff, cross fertilization through inter-division discussions, meetings, information sharing and continuous training to help our clients and people exceed.
Our team include experts from different industries and background who together to provide the Company with the best suited and customized solutions.
Dishtayate Advisor Private Limited is managed by Mr. Naveen Gupta who is a Chartered Accountant along with a team of professionals from different fields and expertise.
Our human resource strategy is to develop and deploy best capabilities in each of the service area. We are continuously increasing our human resource capital and bringing experts and fresh talent together for an accelerated growth.
Directors/ Managing members

  • CA Naveen Gupta
  • CA Vishu Bhatia
  • CA Gaurav Singh

Advisory Board Members 

  • CS Amit Kumar Gupta
  • Mr. Saurabh Vats
  • Mr. Balaji Govindarajan
  • CS .Kapil Kaushik
  • CA. Kapil Gupta

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