The Purpose of Funding activities  is to inform  and engage with investors  and funders, both  current  and potential , to obtain  and maintain  the necessary financial resources  for the Organisation. Engagement includes the provision of Information , relationship building and negotiation.
The Provision for Information enables investors and funders  to appraise Organisational performance , actual and projected, in relation to their financial interest in the Organisation. Funders include those providing  Contributions in the Corpus of the Organisation and Corporate contributions as a pat of CSR.
At Dishtayate, we provide our services primarily in two sub domains of this activity:

Corpus Contributions
No Organisation can run without a Corpus.  It is required to have a strong Corpus to maintain the financial viability of the Organisation. The Corpus can be built by the promoters or by outside contributors who would like to contribute in the overall strengthening of the Organisation .
A corpus fund in a legitimate organisation can go a long way towards supporting beneficiaries and programmes. NGOs that have built up large corpus funds and can plan their funds and can generate additional ( no risk ) income which can be utilized for meeting administration expenses which at times are not covered by the grant funds, can be used for starting new initiatives or strengthening existing.
A strong corpus is important in order to ensure smooth sustenance of an Organisation. We help you build strategic partnership with donors who are willing to contribute in the corpus of Organisation. 
CSR Partnership
With growing awareness and initiatives from the Government , Corporate Social responsibility is getting recognised by more and more Corporates. 
At Dishtayate , we manage the CSR Partnership between the NGOs, CSOs and the Corporates. We assists corporations to shortlist the credible civil society organizations for the successful implementation of their programmes. 
Based upon the program aesthetics, the geographical requirements, organization experience and credibility, the implementing partner list is narrowed down and finally shortlisted and selected by forging partnership. A stringent assessment of CSOs empaneled with Dishtayate is done to establish their credibility based upon the documentation and the line of work in the sector.
With the current scenario and the challenges that are often faced with the implementation partner, We ensures that preliminary set of requirements and documentation verification is done through its end in order to save time and hassles involved in the process.

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