The Purpose of Funding activities is to inform and engage with investors and funders, both current and potential , to obtain and maintain the necessary financial resources for the Organisation. Engagement includes the provision of Information , relationship building and negotiation.
The Provision for Information enables investors and funders to appraise Organisational performance , actual and projected, in relation to their financial interest in the Organisation. Funders include those providing loans , asset finance, grants etc.
At Dishtayate, we provide our services primarily in two sub domains of this activity: 

Investor Relations

 Investor Relations is largely concerned with the equity investors including individuals , fund management, institutions , hedge funds and private equity Organisations . Their Objective is generally to achieve a financial return . Their interest are met by providing guidance on the financial prospects of the Organisation, how plans will be achieved and the risks involved.
Debt Financing
 Debt Financing still holds a major source of funds for many organisations. From the lenders perspective they want their loan is paid along with interest and other fees on time and to be sure that there will be no defaults , lenders ( Banks ) need lots of information, data, presentations. Our services include preparing the data, negotiating with the debt funders who are aiming to protect their position by negotiating terms and lending covenants that set minimum performance criteria which if met are intended to ensure repayment. 

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