Financial Procedures

Financial Procedures, Regulations and Compliances Services

The Dishtayate team understands how difficult it is for you to generate business and how challenging it is for a businessman to take care of the functional issues faced by the organization on a daily basis. With that in mind, it is rather unfair for you to worry about the procedural and regulatory issues when Dishtayate is around to take care of all your worries.

Dishtayate, through its experienced workforce, provides financial procedures, regulations, and compliance services to a varied range of clients. The procedures services include the provision of a guide to the client in regards to the best practices in compliance and financial administration.

We take care of various mandatory rules and framework related to the financial activities, which your business organization is expected to adhere with. The services can be broadly divided into:

  1. Taxation-related (Direct and Indirect Tax) Services
  2. Cash handling and Working Capital Management Services
  3. Reporting and Auditing Services
  4. Statutory Filings Services

In regards to corporate clients, there are a large number of laws and statutes, which a company needs to follow. The regulations are dynamic in nature, and hence it is imperative that your compliance management is done by a team of professionals who are well-updated and informed about the latest changes in the statutory compliances.

From Companies Act, 2013 to SEBI regulations, all corporate and labour law related compliance solutions are offered by Dishtayate’s team of experienced professionals. The Dishtayate team believes in collaborative development and growth of your business. We understand the importance of internal control in a business, and hence our team of experts can carry out an internal audit to let you know about the most crucial areas that require professional attention.

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