Finance Function

A successful business is the result of effective functioning of different internal processes and departments like production, marketing, sales, administration, finance, human resources etc. For the success of any business it is important that all the function not only perform well individually but also collectively . 
All functions are undoubtedly important and interrelated but one function at which each and everyone looks upto is ' Finance Function'. Finance Function over the period of time has evolved to a great extent. Traditionally expected to handle the accounting and reporting of transactions , now it includes lots of responsibilities without which no business can un smoothly.
The Finance Function primarily consist of 5 interrelated activities. Each of the activity originate from the Organisational activities and focus on production and use of information to primarily meet the following purpose 

  1. Accounting: To record financial consequences of Organisational Activities
  2. Compliance : To meet the requirements of governmental and other regulatory bodies
  3. Management and Control : To produce and use financial and related information to inform, monitor and instigate operational actions to meet Organisational Objectives.
  4. Strategy and Risk : To inform and influence from a financial perspective the development and implementation of strategy and to manage risk.
  5. Funding : To inform and engage with investors and funders both current and potential to obtain and maintain necessary financial resources for the Organisation.

 At Dishtayate, we work together as partner with the Organisations to ensure smooth functioning of the Finance function and provide our quality services for each of the five activities of finance function individually and collectively as a package.

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