Entrepreneurship Building Training

Entrepreneurship Building: NGO’s

Entrepreneurship and the urge to make a difference in the society go hand in hand 


Entrepreneurs are driven by passion. The entrepreneurs have an idea to introduce a product or service to the society which can help them in making a difference. The entrepreneurs are stubborn and there are hardly any obstacles which can stop them in following their passion.


The core objectives of NGO’s are not different from an entrepreneur. The only difference is the lack of entrepreneur-like motivation that drives a business but fails in case of an NGO. The business profits always encourage an entrepreneur to achieve more. NGO’s, on the other hand, are encouraged by the amount of difference they are able to make in the society.    


For any NGO, development of entrepreneurship skill is extremely important. The NGO’s need one skill that differentiates the winners from the ordinary businesses: the skill known as entrepreneurship. However, can a trait like entrepreneurship developed through training and guidance? Again, the answer is yes!

The collaboration of entrepreneurship with NGO’s is a recipe for success. Not many training enterprises besides Dishtayate have recognized this partnership. We at Dishtayate, believe that the efforts of NGO’s need to be pooled and combined to achieve something extra ordinary. 
Our entrepreneurship development training course has the following features: 

  • Services related to fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Approaching the fundraising like an entrepreneur
  • Assisting and conducting market research
  • Internal control management
  • Compliance Management

Dishtayate salutes the NGO’s for the noble causes for which they are fighting. To make the journey of the NGO’s a little bit easier, Dishtayate is your friendly co-passenger that will help you in reaching the destination. 

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