Data Quality Audit

With the increasing reach of Organisations to different parts and sections of the country. Quality of data collection and reporting is very significant as this not only affect the current impact and assessment of the business operations but also lays foundation for future planning , focus areas and strategy development.
At Dishtayate, we provide quality data quality assessment services through our developed tool which covers each and every aspect of data quality management system.
The data quality audit would: 

  • Examine the effectiveness of the current data quality systems in improving program effectiveness by ensuring the authenticity, reliability and validity of data being used for decision making and
  • Will help to identify areas in which data quality needs to be strengthened further. 
  • The process would involve beneficiaries and checking of registers/forms/ progress reports, the audit is critical and would provide important feedback for rectification and improvement of quality of reporting and recording. Overall this would help us to gain greater confidence on the system and increase beneficiaries, partners and donor satisfaction.

The Data Quality Audit will be conducted in 6 Phases Chronologically .Assessments and Verification will take place at every stage of the reporting system M&E Management Unit, Intermediate Data Collection Levels (State, Districts), and Service Delivery Sites.

Our system assessment as a part of our audit process covers following key areas:


Functional Areas

Key assessment area


M& E Capabilities, Roles and Responsibilities

Whether the Key M& E and Data management staff identified with clearly assigned responsibilities



Whether there is adequate training procedure for the new and as well as existing staff members of the M& E and Data Management


Data Reporting Requirements

Whether there is clear documented reporting guidelines communication what, in what form, when and whom to report.


Indicator Definitions

Are there operational indicator definitions meeting relevant standards and are systematically followed by all service points.


Data Collection and Reporting Forms and Tools

1. Whether there are standard data collection and reporting forms and are systematically used at all levels.



2. Whether the source documents for the data is preserved and made available.


Data Management Process

Whether clear documentation of collection, aggregation and transfer of data is prepared and preserved.


Data Quality Mechanisms and Controls

Are data qualities challenges identified and are mechanisms in place for addressing them?



Whether there is a designed system and procedure to identify discrepancies and in the reports



Whether the designed system has a procedure of periodically reviewing the data and report collection mechanisms and source data


Links with National Reporting Systems

Whether the Data Collection and reporting system of the project linked to the National Reporting System.

Our Assessment form basis for our overall assessment and we help Organisations build stronger and reliable data management system.


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