Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is integral to our business strategy, our values and our day-to-day operations. It’s how we understand our impact on the world around us, and it's the sum total of our actions.
It’s our role in creating a sustainable context — in other words, a thriving community able to protect its environment, educate its children and become prosperous by fostering innovation and generating new businesses.
The communities around us have a profound impact on our growth and we are equally responsible to contribute in its development. 
Dishtayate in collaboration with a budding Non Profit Organisation ' UDGS Foundation' is actively involved through its members contributing in two flagship programs of UDGS which are:

1. Express and lead

Today, 1.2 billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and the adult world. Around 243 million of them live in India. As they stand at these crossroads, so do societies at large – the crossroads between losing out on the potential of a generation or nurturing them to transform society (unicef press release: http://unicef.in/PressReleases/87/Adolescence-An-Age-of-Opportunity) .
As adolescents flourish, so do their communities, and all of us have a collective responsibility in ensuring that adolescence does in fact become an age of opportunity
Under Express and lead, UDGS is committed to reach and work with the adolescents in all possible ways to make them realize their true self and inculcate the values and spirit to be a better citizen and contribute in the development of self and the society.
UDGS reaches its target beneficiaries by collaborating with different schools, colleges, child homes etc and conduct personality development, social awareness and educational workshops in more of a entertaining and collaborative learning way.
For more details on the project, please visit www.udgs.org  

1. Unfold Yourself  

Thus by 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group.
The above facts undoubtedly presents the enormous potential and future prospects India has. In coming years , India will undoubtedly surpass many countries in terms of economic growth but what about the quality of life of the people of India. Whether being called as economic power in itself a soothing factor for the people to feel happy and satisfied.
Is the today's generation in the pursuit of progressing economically compromising on their own happiness and feelings, well at least facts tell you that this s true.
According to the The World Happiness Report 2016 published by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ( SDSN) , a global initiative of the United Nations, India ranked 118th in the list and was among the group of 10 countries witnessing the biggest happiness declines, along  with Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Egypt , Yeman and Botswana.
Isn't the two statistics given above present a contrary picture, At one side, we are heading towards becoming the youngest country with more than 64%  of our  population in the working age group but on other side we rank in bottom ten in terms of happiness .
UDGS  through 'Unfold Yourself'  is up against this sadness, loneliness which is stopping us to laugh, live and which create an unwanted boundary around us . We are up for creating some lovely moments of joy, happiness, experience sharing and creativity for our working youth to fuse some more excitement and energy in their lives.
Under Unfold Yourself following five  activities are used for achieving the objective of the project. 

  • Theatre
  • Theatre impromptu
  •  Story Creating
  •  Story Telling
  •  Creative Visualisation 

For more details on the project, please visit www.udgs.org  

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