Communications Building Training

NGO’s are driven by the passion to make a difference. Out of the different challenges that an NGO might face, the biggest challenge is to convey the intentions and messages of the organization effectively.


Dishtayate’s core team has been associated with a number of NGO’s. It would be rather bold to state, but we can easily suggest that no other training and development entity understands the working and functional challenges of an NGO better than Dishtayate. We understand how crucial is communication development (both written and oral), for the long-term achievement of an NGO’s goal.


Dishtayate is aware of the financial constraints faced by the NGO’s. Being a responsible business, we never impose anything on the partners, rather, we align with the objectives of our clients. Our clients, the NGO’s in this case, need to rest assured about having a partner that has the ability to collaboratively work for attaining the objectives.


Our sessions and training will include both written (emails, letters, memos, and notices) and oral communication training that will help the NGO’s to eliminate the hurdle between them and their long-term commitments.


The sessions are designed by the experts in the industry having an immense amount of experience of working with the NGO’s. The training processes are simple and concise. Our effort is to ensure that the NGO can not only improve the communication skills of the members but can also help the stakeholders and its target audience in learning this simple yet most crucial tactic that will help them to move to the next level.

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