Capacity Building Solutions

Financial Management is an essential element of running any business Organisation whether Corporate or non Corporate and an effective financial management can be achieved if all the team members of the Organisation understand its importance and  at the same time equipped with necessary knowledge and skills.
Dishtayate has developed a unique approach that builds the financial capacity of our clients whether . It provides the people on the ground with the financial management skills and follow-up support to confidently lead their organisations and implement their projects effectively and efficiently.
It starts by establishing a benchmark of financial management and organisational governance for the organisation. This enables us to provide targeted support through a combination of training and direct support.
Under our Capacity enhancement division, we provide customised learning solutions for Corporates , Non Corporates, Non Government Organisations keeping in to consideration their relevant business and working requirements and environment.
We have a four step procedure which help us deliver the best of learning and capacity building solutions to our clients for their long term benefit and team strengthening.

  1. Information Gathering
  2. On-site Need Assessment Visit
  3. Delivering Capacity Building Workshops
  4. Progress Review 

A. Non Government Organisations

  The four key stages:
  i. Information gathering 
  To ensure that support is appropriately targeted, it is important to undertake an initial assessment of the organisation’s financial management and associated processes. The aim is to establish a thorough understanding of each partner prior to the on-    site visit and raise pertinent questions with the team.
   ii. On-site needs assessment visit 
   The visit should include a meeting with the staff for each partner organisation. It is important at this point for the Consultant to meet with a range of staff to ensure that a rounded organisational view is developed and to support the process of better        integration of finance between all staff.
Dishtayate's consultants/trainers are experts in NGO finance management and highly experienced at working with local NGO partners.
Deployment of our assessment framework for use with NGOs of all types and sizes
The outcome would be a brief report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of current systems and a practical action plan for capacity building improvements where necessary, including training, workshops and mentoring support.
Deliver Capacity building programme
Based on the needs identified during the information gathering and on-site assessment stages, we then design and deliver appropriate capacity building solutions. Examples of the types of capacity building support we can provide are:
One-to-one consultancy support to bridge specific capacity gaps identified, for example for the assessment of compliance with donor requirements or the review and development of grant management systems, or the development of financial procedure manuals.
Participation on one of our acclaimed training courses, such as our flagship “Practical Financial management for NGOs – Getting the Basics Right”. Our training can be accessed in two ways: as a bespoke event for your staff or attendance on one of our open courses held regularly in key locations around the globe


Progress review.
Follow on support is a key element of the capacity building process.  This will ensure that learning from the capacity building activities is translated into practical action in each organisation and to realise the benefits of any planned changes identified.
These are just a small example of the wide array of proven services available from Mango. Every NGO is different and we have the experience and capabilities to tailor the right combination of elements to address your capacity-building requirements.

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